Inspiration Healing Awareness

With a passion for holistic health and well-being, writing articles for inspirational magazines, websites and other mind-body publications is something I deeply enjoy.

My writing style quite often reflects my own journey and through my experiences, self-awareness and constant personal epiphanies, I am able to offer hope and inspiration to my readers.

Getting Lost

"Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand ourselves." - Henry David Thoureau

For me, travel is all about getting lost. Where am I? Who am I? What are my convictions? Questions like these seem to come up for me when I have packed myself off into an entirely different environment.



Are you content with your content?

Powerful, potent and persuasive. Can you say this about the content of your website? Your sales brochures? How about your video scripts?

You, no doubt, know a great deal about your product or service. However, can you sum it all up in 300-500 words and have those words generate the required response from your target audience?



Connection Understanding Peace

Bliss. Freedom. Love. Insecurity. Pain. I write on all topics. Let's face it we all experience a multitude of emotions on a daily basis. Sharing these experiences and offering empathy, wisdom, heart and humour, is a tonic for every soul.

I want to go there too

My travel articles, blogs and reviews give a very personal account of my travels and the places I have been. Not only do they give an engaging review of the destination, creating interest and enquiry by the reader, they also reflect the physical and emotional response these locations have on me personally.

An emotional response

I recycle handfuls of print marketing material from my letterbox daily. I skim through lack-lustre websites never reading their blogs or signing up for newsletters. Why? Because they don't engage me. They don't create an emotional response.

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